Happy’s Secret

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Happy’s secret is the story of a fictional character that encourages children to change their beliefs in order to be happier.

Written by: Angie Vezina

Illustrated by: Jolie Hamm





This book is a tool to improve the way you feel about yourself. I am using the power of our emotions to change the limiting beliefs that we have.

I researched how to be happy for many years before I stumbled upon this technique. I used it on myself first and when I felt the positive change in me I shared the process with my daughter. My goal is to share this technique to the kids around the world and make them feel happier. Would you help me spread the knowledge by sharing this book with your friends and family?

This will transform their lives and show them a way to change the way they feel for the better. I tried it on myself and then on my daughter and the results were so amazing that I decided to write a book about it. My wish is for this book to transform the life of millions of kids so that they always feel good about themselves. I wish for the new generation to have the tools available for them to be happy.


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